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Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series  

"Yoga Therapy"  योगचिकित्सा Yoga-Cikitsā

Ashtanga Vinyasa method is intended to calm the mind, but while doing that, it also focuses on cleansing the internal body and keeping the organs doing their jobs. Through twists, folds, and bandhas or locks, circulation of the blood and lymph systems improve, making the body better at eliminating toxins. The Ashtanga practice is a set sequence of postures performed in the same order every time. Each posture builds on positions that come before it, and in a way that is intended to build internal heat to purify the blood and nerve system. 

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional method of yoga that uses the conjunction of breath, movement and attention to create a heightened state of mental calm and focus in the practitioner. Through the many linked poses of the primary series, the body is strengthened, stretched, balanced and purified, leaving you feeling focused and invigorated. Many of the poses focus of purifying the internal organs, such as forward bends and twists. 

Ashtanga yoga is physically and mentally demanding, and while modifications can be made to accommodate each yogi, it is often considered a more advanced practice. Ashtanga Yoga is an athletic and challenging type of practice and forms the basis for almost all types of Vinyasa Yoga. 

Primary Series Also known as Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Therapy).

This is the classical primary series taught in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India.  It follows the primary series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. The practice moves in a flow without interruptions. Students learn to watch which feelings and thoughts form during their practice without trying to hold on to them, or to reject, analyse or criticize them. Continuous practice will allow you to bring this kind of attention and mindfulness to all other aspects of your life. This is precisely the principle K. Pattabhi Jois referred to in his famous dictum: "Do your practice and all is coming."

This class is open to all levels of practitioners. Though beginning students are welcome to come, some of the poses may be challenging. You are welcome to give it a try, and sit out the ones that do not make sense for you to do yet. If you are not familiar with Ashtanga yoga we recommended Beginner Ashtanga or Half Primary Series class before taking primary series. Private session is available upon request.

Vinyāsa count in Sanskrit: 
1 = ekam; 2 = dve; 3 = trīṇi; 4 = catvāri; 5 = pañca; 6 = ṣaṭ; 7 = sapta; 8 = aṣṭau; 9 = nava; 10 = daśa; 11 = ekādaśa; 12 = dvādaśa; 13 = trayodaśa; 14 = caturdaśa; 15 = pañcadaśa; 16 = ṣoḍaśa; 17 = saptadaśa; 18 = aṣṭadaśa; 19 = ekonavimśatiḥ; 20 = vimśatiḥ; 21 = ekāvimśatiḥ; 22 = dvāvimśatiḥ; 23 = trayovimśatiḥ; 24 = caturvimśatiḥ; 25 = pañcavimśatiḥ; 26 = ṣoḍavimśatiḥ; 27 = saptavimśatiḥ; 28 = aṣṭovimśatiḥ

"If The Body is Still, The Mind Will Follow"