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Mindfulness Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Therapy.
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Ladda Ditsatha-Marshall
Certified Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage & Wellness Therapist

I keep track of your personal progress each time we meet to help develop a safety self-directed yoga practice, self-discipline and self-empowerment skills for you to be able to independently overcome obstacles on and off the yoga mat with your pace, strength and flexibility because your body is unique.

   Buddhist is in my blood, mindfulness living is how I live life. 

I was born and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, one of the largest Buddhist country. My grandmother was my very first regular Thai massage client after she taught me this ancient art of healing since I was young, I often spent a good hour almost daily massaging my grandmother and sometimes my mother right after. My yoga practice also started early in a Thai public elementary school as a morning routine before head to class and every Friday is a mindfulness day when entire school sit down to chant/pray in Pali-Sanskrit and meditate for one hour before school discharged. 

I honored the Ashtanga Yoga method and discipline as the perfect path for me to live a balanced and mindful life style in the modern age. I started to learn Ashtanga Primaryseries in Bangkok Thailand in 1994 before I came over to New York City in 1997.  Ashtanga yoga method taught me how to utilize my inborn ability to overcome obstacles and detach from sufferings with insights and disciplines. Practicing Ashtanga Yoga method & Buddhist philosophy have accelerate my spiritual strength on a daily basis, both practices help me discover my truest-self and truly become who I am and understand life in a deeper level each day to live with attachments without sufferings. 

You will find that my yoga or wellness therapy session is influenced by Buddhist and Hindu philosophies with knowledge of ancient methods of Thai Yoga Massage, Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic remedies that I learned from my grandmother and my mother who is a certified herbalist in Thailand. 

My yoga teachings and wellness therapy derive from the fundamental principle that the approach and plan must always be adapted to an individual's changing needs in order to derive the maximum therapeutic benefit that balanced your well-being and increasing mindfulness. I also studied Anatomy and use the science of yoga approach to better guide you to be aware of your body and understand the effectiveness of yoga practice for your life time benefit as you continue the yoga practice as a natural self-preventative care. 

I am an on going student of Ashtanga Yoga Lineage, studying and taking workshops with authorized Ashtanga yoga teachers as well as practice with R.Sarath Jois in the U.S., David Williams, David Swenson, Krista Shirley and I have not yet been to Mysore, India where the root of Ashtanga yoga is. 

Practiced with Paramaguru
Sharath Jois 2016

Practiced with Tao Porchon-Lynch & David Swensen 2016